In various challenging and demanding modules you will make some exiting experiences on your way to optain your skydiving license.

On your first jump with a Tandem Master you will see the airport of Locarno from a birds view. Together with an experienced Tandem Instructor you will get a chance to enjoy your first jump im the AFF-Training, but you will perform some pre-trained tasks. Our goal for the jump will be to demonstrate and execute flying the landing pattern as well as the landing of the parachute in a “dual-command”-mode. This will help you on your following jumps to get back and land safely on our landing aera.

AFF-First jumper course
What an emotional and exiting week-end. Two jumps –one Tandem as a “warm-up” followed by some serious training for your first AFF-level 1 jump the next day. The training is intensiv and will give you all you need to safely not only perform in freefall but also to deploy, fly and land your parachute.

While you’re jumping out of our Porter at 4000 m/G you will be assisted by two highly professional AFF-Instructors. They will hold on to you until you deploy your parachute at 1500 m/G. During that short amount of time you’ll have to focus and recall all the instructions received during your training on ground. You will have to understand and implement instructions given to you by your instructions during freefall. Once you deployed your parachute you will follow the procedures to control, fly and land your parachute. This will take a week-end in order for you to have enough time to get the proper training to enjoy and perform these tasks for a successful “AFF first jumper course”.

AFF ground course
In one week you will learn the basics of skydiving! Your training will also start with a Tandem-jump as described above followed by 7 AFF-levels. During the course you will get the basic knowledge so that you can successfully achieve all necessary  skill-tests and continue jumping on your way to obtain your skydiving license.
While taking the AFF-course (accelerated free fall) you will have 2 instructors jumping with you on jump # 1 – 4 and one instructor during jump # 5 – 7. You will receive an extensive briefing prior to your jumps in order to reduce the workload and give you the means to make the necessary adjustments during freefall as shown to you by your instructors. You will be amazed how quickly you will adjust to your new environment and experience an new range of emotions during free fall. The goal of level # 7 is the ability to have a solid skill of the basic position, solid turns, able to make a flip forward and backwards and maintaining a constant watch on your altitude in order to ensure a safe and clean deployment and opening of your parachute.

Continuing training
After your basic training you will continue to jump under supervision and follow a given program while we are operating and jumping on our drop-zone. You will have to pass various skill-jumps in order to continue your training. Once passing all these jumps and tests (a minimum of 40 jumps) as well as a theory mulitple choice test covering 5 different subjects you will finalize your journey with a practical test (2 accuracy landings and a final jump with the head of school).