Emergency Parachutes

… more than expensive upholstery for your back!

As parachute specialists, we carry a wide variety of pilot emergency parachutes. You will certainly find an emergency system that fits in your aircraft from our range of equipment types and designs. We always have a choice of emergency systems in our shop that we are happy to show and explain to you. In addition to the well-known round canopies, there is now a new system on the market with a ram-air canopy - the AVIATOR. The idea behind the ram-air canopies is that all pilots can benefit from its advantages regardless of their experience with the round canopies. «Information about different emergency parachutes and options, sorry only in German»

Square Canopies

Safety from modern, ram-air canopies for pilot emergency systems.
The concept of extending all the advantages of modern, square canopies to pilot emergency systems was implemented in the AVIATOR.

Round Canopies 

The traditional emergency system.
With the conventional system, you have a large choice of different container types which can be used in all possible aircrafts (from old-timers to modern gliders).