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January 17, 2021. Based on the current regulations on measures to control the coronavirus, we have to follow further restrictions. It is expected that until February 28, 2021 we will not be able to offer skydiving services. Our office is still open, you can reach us on the phone, 091 745 26 51 or by e-mail. We are looking forward to see you soon again at 4000m above Locarno! Blue Skies

If the COVID measures will be adapted, you will find the actual info on this page ;-)

We are at your service by phone or mail from Tuesday to Sunday. Our Rigging is not always occupied, if you need your rig packed please make an appointment.

Welcome to the Para Centro Locarno!

Welcome to PARA CENTRO LOCARNO, the professional skydiving center in Ticino, Switzerland. For 50 years we have enthusiastically provided the ultimate surrounding for the sport of skydiving. Our skydiving school offers tandem jumps and AFF first jumps at any time. Or, join one of our AFF basic courses which start each week, and you will be on your way to fulfilling the requirements for the Swiss skydiving license. Material and equipment for both skydivers and pilots can be discussed daily with our rigging professionals. We look forward to greeting you here!

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Tandem Skydive
Tandem Skydive over Locarno
AFF First Jump
AFF-Exit from Pilatus Porter
AFF Basic Course
AFF-Ausbildung Freifall über Locarno
SPHAIR Fallschirmausbildung im Para Centro Locarno

Video oder Foto von deinem «Skydive»

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