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Salto im Freifall über Locarno

Advanced Training

Once you have completed the basic course target, level seven, you will be able to execute further training jumps "alone." You will prepare each further jump with our instructors and then you will execute them under direct supervision. Your jumps will be analysed either from the ground by means of "Pino" or from free fall video. They will subsequently be discussed with you and you will be offered corrective suggestions. The training program up to the practical test includes free fall movements such as turns, somersaults and barrel roles as well as movements on heading and proximity to an instructor. Naturally you will also receive training in canopy control and landing accuracy in order to prepare for this section of the practical test (two accuracy landings within a 25 metre radius and a RW jump with an examiner).

Once you pass the practical test, all further training courses will be available to you. In JEKAMI, free fall formation and free fly is emphasised. Depending on your desire or mood, you can jump by yourself or with friends.

The Formation-JEKAMI is organized by Dieter with his team. If you like to participate in organized RW jumps just joint them.  Cost per participant are CHF 25.— per day. Meeting at 08:30.