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SPHAIR course

Skydiving courses organized by the Swiss Air Force, so called SPHAIR courses, (SPHAIR >> Exploring Aviation Talent) are meant for young Swiss, 16-18 years, to get their license before their military service in a special forces unit, the "Fallschirmaufklärer Kp 17". The boys qualified for these courses will have the possibility to participate two times 2 weeks, to learn the basics of skydiving. The objective is to get the Swiss license during the second course. 
The fees for these courses are mostly paid by the Swiss Air Foce, therefore this is a good chance for a young person to get the skydiving or flying license. The course fee at Para Centro for these courses is about CHF 500.- for board and lodging during these 2 weeks.

As the Magadino Airport is the home of the military Parachuting school as well, you will find yourselves in a familiar surroundings, once you completed your license at Para Centro Locarno.

2021 & 2022 SPHAIR-courses at Para Centro

SPHAIR course level 1&2

October 2021

Level 1 and 2, catch-up course


October 2. to 16. 2021

SPHAIR course level 2

April 2022

course level 2


April 9. to 23. 2022

SPHAIR course level 1

April - May 2022

Level 1 course


April 23. to May 7. 2022

SPHAIR course level 1&2

October 2022

Level 1 and 2, catch-up course


October 8. to 22. 2022

SPHAIR Kurs Impressionen

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